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Babel Butt

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:iconbabel-the-butt: The Co-Creator of Guardian Core! Check out her work shes more important then me!<3

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Princess Pony Perks by Evil-DeC0Y

Chaos for a Chaos with some final deliverance from the master of Chaos. What really brings this piece together is how to the point and ...

Path to Canterlot by aJVL
by aJVL

I have to say after seeing this piece of work a lot went into my mind. For one There's are princess Tia, staring out into the distance ...





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AJ Morga
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Born and raised in New Jeresy United States and currently resides in Indiana and works along aside of her beloved wife, otherhalf, dragonbutt :iconbabel-the-butt: on the comic Guardian Core. AJ Morga age is 2,848 or 28 (whatever floats your ship wreck) has always been at passion for all things fantasy and story driven worlds and will devote there passion to protecting the purity of what matters the most in the Universe. Creativity. For that, is my dream.

AJ Morga has gone under many name alias on the internet but refers to themselves as Guardian Core, Guardian or Crystal Secret.


Chaos Pirates and Galas too! by Crystal-Secret
Chaos Pirates and Galas too!
Update for all of you that are familiar with Galas the Pitcher Plant. If your not familiar with Galas or have no idea what that is, I'll give you a run down on WHAT she is.

It all started out with something :iconchaospowerstone: wanted me to draw with there character. Somewhere in the discussion way way way back when I wasn't a old fart and was rebelling against hardcore vore and wanted to make it cute? If that makes sense. Anyway, the idea was to make there cat girl be attracted to a sexy plant girl. And I put Mishita in the background to show that two cat girls were on some kind of walk and stumbled onto this creature that lures you in with it's scent and than eats you in it's pitcher plant bottom of the body. I then continued the idea to make Mishita get caught, leaving :iconchaospowerstone: free and safe from the danger as the cat girl got pretty much aroused and eaten, what a weird imagination I had back then hah hah... Oddly enough the couple, Mishita and Galas called hence forth "Plant Love" was a hit on Devianart, How big? I have no idea really, just people knew about them. As I have gone through my life i have had ideas to bring back plant love, but never really being able to give anyone anything because it always had to deal with me either working on my old comic book called "Elemental Bout" while working my shity 40 hour job or college, or doing something perverted online and being known for just that. Physiological mentality insures. I have also tried a couple of reboot ideas, and at the time with my art style I adapted it wasn't easy, and very odd, a consent deformity in my female bodies took it's toll since I look back at them now and say WUT...

There has also been a lot of rumors going around that I have a plant love I'm working on right now! Well I'm here to tell you here and now and end it all by saying, I AM NOT making a plant love series. It involves way to much nudity and sex and I have gone down that road, but I doubt I would be successful in that area. After a long time of trails, errors and many sacrifices my life lead me to :iconbabel-the-butt: and the two of us Went to a comic book called Guardian Core. I left my past, Elemental Bout, but NOT the core essential characters. This is important for me to say because out of my random why do i have so many views, If I am a inspiration at all as a artist, when all I do is seek inspiration from others since I don't really consider myself great, but at least now I consider myself as a semi professional, learning color theory and all. ( I use to just do black and white manga, I am now doing full colored comics) Overall I kept Elemental Bout as a necessary tool. But that tool and story was limited. With Guardian Core I can do what I love from the get go, and include new ideas and give characters a very large character 3d development that I have always wanted from the very begging as a whole. And So Guardian Core has Galas (along with many others, but I will now just imply about Galas).

In Guardian Core, the Galaxy of Filgia ( sounds familiar? the planet I had Elemental Bout on was called Filgia, now the whole bloody Galaxy is called just that. Expand!)

What is Galas in Guardian Core. She isn't some random plant girl in Guardian Core just to give my fans that know about her and the ones that will know about her, a stagnant, OH YES GALAS YAY! feeling. She has a important Role in Guardian Core, and this role does deal greatly with Mishita. I won't spoiler you what the two mean to each other, but it's a interesting turn of events in a much bigger picture.

The Chaos Pirates:
From the left,
Kimie, Captain Kaos, Mishita, Waffles, and above Galas. (There are more pirates, these are the ones I wanted to focus on)

In Guardian Core our main characters Crystal, Babel, and Kable are dealt first hand or blade with these band of baddy pirates as they raid the Filgian Kingdom's wealth and all that's attached with it. They are at a core, Pirates and what they do best. Captain Kaos, a kabbit highbrid is there leader and has everyone under his control, accept Mishita. Galas is naturally what she is intended for, and she is the only one of her kind as well. What does that mean? Well lets just say there's a lot about her that I am going to make amazing. She also has a job on the ship. Keep Mishita away from Kaos, and Everyone that walks the plank in the pirate mentality world, walks the Galas instead. If you think that's cruel, they are Pirates. And they honor one code, We take your stuff, if you don't fight back we will let you live. If you attack us, we'll waste you. Everything is for the galactic taking. Pirates in Guardian Core are the space ocean dwellers of the sea. Galas is also much larger in Guardian Core, so her size as a whole has greatly improved and her design has let her become less sex appeal, making her wear a shirt vs having her tits just sticking out. In Guardian Core, they also tend to be up with the trio more then once, I don't plan on making them a one moment group, and they grow and expand as the story does as the Guardian aid the Filgian Kingdom and it's Ruler Queen Deviah ruler of the galaxy. I will also make a effort to show just the pirates in some episodes, because they are just as important as ever other episode. I hope this answers any questions and feel free to make Comments

Thanks for the watches and all the favorites, I hope your willing to stay for the story that me and my wife have been working very hard on. Love you all!

GuardianCore©2015 Rebbecca Webb and AJ Morga. All rights reserved.
I am very confused about Sai Painter and it's current if not always License agreement. I do have a License for the program, but what if I needed to buy another, the one I have is currently from a friend. On the site
SYSTEMAX Inc. states a odd compliant that you have to abide by.

This software is provided and for sale only in Japan. If the user live in foreign country except Japan, downloading and purchasing are regarded user is live in Japan. This license agreement is subjected to the all foreign user similarly as the user who live in Japan."

Are they stating that unless I live in Japan, I can't purchase my own legit license for SAI Painter?

"downloading and purchasing are regarded user is live in Japan"
Sounds like, if you buy it and your not in Japan, you will be considered as you did buy it in Japan. I am so lost right now, anyone who has a legit license for the program know what the heck this means?

Because I see countless of artists using this program, I'm at a lost here.
Backgrounds by Crystal-Secret
---update and finalized.---

I really hope it's worth it, because compared to so many other artists, I'm not even close : /


also note it's not complete btw
Hello there! First off I was wondering if anyone here has a ideal understanding of programs that relate to a language generator program. For a example, if I had a scenario of the following.

I want to create a language that I am using in a comic book. I want this lanague to have meaning, and throughout all of the literature and story's I have seen, I have a fairly easy understanding of how to go about it.

And so I begin to write words and make them as follows.

English          :            Ancient Tongue (WIP)

Girl                             Valri'shen         example: all female like entity in word use.
Dragon                        Korvaon
Space                          Vaiel

And so forth. Now as I build these words using language and then replacing words making my silly program I would want to have a generator that would auto translate every word I use, and change it from English to  Ancient Tongue.

Are there programs out there that are for purchase that can do this? Where I do not intend to be rude, but make a language does put a great deal in dignity in keeping words to not repeat themselves unless necessary. And although I could simple jibberjabish, I have plans to make those words have fair use. And so a example I would like to bring up in a website is a online comic called HOMESTUCK.
There word generator seems to fit the palette I am looking for. It's a Troll word set generator that changes a sentence into what sentence you want it to come out in there language. Although I would just need a English to Ancient Tongue translator.

a example is.

another example is from a videogame called ELDER SCROLLS V SKYRIM. In this game the dragon tongue is called Thu'um. As as such maybe closer to what I want to have at my finger tips while making this language.

example is.

Simply put I am looking for someone who knows of, or maybe can make a translator that words can be put into and also keep up to date with a volume of words as I make words.
Process of Guardian Core by Crystal-Secret
Process of Guardian Core
edit resized it.



Fri Feb 27, 2015, 2:24 PM
It's not much, and I have grown tired of petty laws that define hurt on those that try and obey the law. So simply help me end this please, even if it does not work, I have learned voices reach out in the stars, this will affect artists in the future and there dreams if they want to live off of it. You don't have to, but please, for the sake of my dreams, for the sake of all that is art. sign this.…

My dreams are not my comic book, I mean yea that's right and all and fun. But my dream dies when non of you can live your life in pursuit of art and happiness. :/
I'm not important but you guys follow me and I'm expressing myself. Even if its to late, My life has been told it's never to late to do anything. Be the flame that rids the fire.

How many people still watch me? I know Ive been on and off, Join and left the pony art herd, failed countless times to show a comic. Am I worth it really? 

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xdarkwingY Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
your new art looks nice~ Galas home :D ...i wonder why comemtns are dissabled.. cant find the reason why~ and when the reason stands here somewhere.. its somewhere so easy to fidn that im to stupid for it ^3^
Crystal-Secret Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea... I guess I could put comment section on. :/
xdarkwingY Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
*still dreaming about more galas-neko-yuri moments of cuteness tho* the jungle is the perfect ambiente~ MANIAC~ Kagerou and Zange Clap Icon 
shiznat51 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
heyy how are you
Crystal-Secret Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty good, working on Guardian Core.
shiznat51 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015
thats awesome ive been so busy i havent been able to draw or play guitar
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Hello miss! ^^ hows life??
Crystal-Secret Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dodging the excessive pile of Futa on Femboy in Secondlife all while drawing Guardian Core. It's a shame Futa was cool until the Kemono ended that...otherwise fine!
TheFons60 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
Sounds like your dealing with quite a struggle. Although I dont understand most of what that is...
Crystal-Secret Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's ok, most of what I say is a Secret anyway.
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wheres your new HF acc? it ry to find your pics with the neko and the plant girl but cant find OxO''''
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Thank you for giving 2 points away for 1 llama. Every point counts.
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Miss you and bable Crystal.
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