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January 2, 2013
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Incoming notice: Im at a friends house this weekend. I have herd all of your complaints on the speexh bubbles. Ill fix them when I get back home if not this week. And in advance Im sorry. I got western and eastern style comic bubble comic format all mixed up. Thats my fault with my ADD and OCD. XD

I blame Discord.

I submited it cause I was wrong, Thanks Seth ::::::DDDDDDDDDDD

I was going to try and do the "2 Day Drawing Training Grounds - Service Edition" On EQ But with a 40 hour job and 9 hours a day or more sometimes (Tell me how that dosnt add to 40 and I will simply say Walmart) So really I should just stop trying all together with those things. Because I missed the dead line...BIG TIME D: [link]

The good thing is I put together something despite my chance I even trying to enter. Idk it's sorta dull to me but I think it's sorta funny.

If you can think of what Pinkie Pie should say pun wise I'll totaly give you credit if this one is lame

Well that's it!~ lates.
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An overall really awesome comic strip. Humorous, original and well drawn and coloured. Vision wise, I thought it was clever having Trixie wanting to be a part of the main crew and would go to such lengths as to perform mundane tasks for the current main six, something that I think could actually happen if it were to be in an episode. Though I can't give it 5 stars as the whole idea of Trixie trying really hard to become friends with one or more of the main cast or secretly loving them has been done quite a bit before.

For originality, I thought it was quite unique. I'm yet to see another comic or image that shows this kind of scenario, nor anything that resembles it too much. No real gripes here.

For your technique, the art style is wonderful. Really vibrant, very stylised and unique, exciting and fun to look at. Though I had to take a star off for one fairly big reason: your speech bubble placement. Reading through the comic was fairly confusing, as the speech bubbles were placed all over the comic. It should read from right to left, top to bottom. In this case, Trixie's text should be placed above Rainbow Dash's and to the left, with Rainbow's the the lower right of hers. Pinkie's speech should be above Applejack's, as should Spike's, as it makes no sense reading it otherwise. It took my quite a bit to figure out what was being said. For that, you get a 4/5 for Technique.

Overall, the comic is very well done, despite a few minor flaws, and the humorous story paired with the vibrant art style gives the comic a big impact on readers. Overall, very well done.
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:iconappledashplz: tell nopony okay Aj? Okay. :iconbrohoof2plz:
Paulisinthehouse Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
:iconliarjackplz: chocolate milk! :iconbrohoof1plz::iconbrohoof2plz:
RtDK Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Pinkie's last expression kind of says, "Do Want" to me.  :|
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id get it..
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setup to a clopfic.
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Setup to many clopfics I'm sure.
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Liarjack returns!

Chocolate milk is now my excuse for everything

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pinkie's face it looks jsut liek the master's evil face O_O
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I don't get the joke.
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